The Shadows of Darkness - The Creation

        Not too far away from now in the future...........
        Bane was a Vampire. A Tremere destined to roam the earth with out anything or anyone at his side. After many centuries of searching, Bane’s prayers were finally answer when he happened upon a small lamp. This lamp was so spectacular, it was obviously prettier natural in it’s being. Upon handling this lamp a great mist emerged from it’s spout and proclaimed to Bane.
        “You are the chosen one. You have been selected to yield this power as you see fit, to rule this land if you chose to, to be...omnipotent.” Bane was awe struck. Not in all his time in this realm had he come upon something so fanciful. The being continued;   “You have three wishes, but be warned.... upon the third an incredible disaster shall be realised unto this earth”.
          Bane thought. “I wish to be God” he screamed, “I wish to become The God, and inherit all his power and possessions”.
         “It is done” the being replied.
          Bane felt a power surge through him. A power so rich, even the most dramatic Embrace could not compare. Bane was flooded with raw energy and his physical boundaries were erased.
         “Come to me again when I call you being.... I wish to explore this” Bane announced, his voice full and potent with authority.
         “Very well” said the being, and traced back into the lamp so quickly it was as if nothing had transpired.

         After years of exploring his Omni essence, Bane called this being into reality again.
         “I wish for another being, like me yet not as powerful to be created at my side”.
         “As you command”.
        With a thunderously loud cracking, the universe seemed to cease for a second, and out of nothing, a winged human body was present. This being unfurled her wings, and came to a godlike rise into the air. The mist announced;
         “Bane, you have what you desired. Nyssa the Seraphim”.
           Nyssa descended to stand at Bane’s side, with the grace of only an angel. The site of her was surely to beautiful for mortal eyes.
         “Being, I wish another being, a male being like this Nyssa to help me rule” said Bane. The being nodded, and suddenly the sun’s light swelled into the earth as if to blind all her inhabitants. A perfect male form slowly descended from the heavens.
            “I am Karill,” the male told them “I live for you”.
Bane, now with two angelic creatures at his side, stood ready and waiting for the fore mentioned disaster.
The being trembled. “You know not what you have done. I escape, never to aid you again...may you have mercy on your soul!”

            The being once again returned to the lamp, but this time the lamp cracked, and fell into pieces. The light from the sun was now retreating; only it seemed to be fading beyond view. It stopped at the point were an eerie shadow took hold of all it touched. Earthquake. The ground was cracked apart, with the flames of hell erupting from inside the earth. When the flames subsided, an enormous create stood in the shadows. The create, with out moving it’s mouth or limps boomed;
         “I am fear. I am the one thing in all to fear. I am the Djinn”.
Bane, Karill and Nyssa were stupefied. After seconds, Bane regained his composure.
         “I care not for who you are, or what you are. I am The God, and nothing is beyond me. Everything you see and know is mine. I fear you not”.
Karill and Nyssa stood valiantly at his side. The creature laughed.
         “Your mortal mind has not escaped you. I am Djinn, I am predestined to rule. I am evil, and I feed from it. In order to vanquish me, you must depend on evil, and I will feed from that. This earth is mine even now. Try as you might, you cannot succeed”.
       This enraged Bane, without thinking, he used all his strength to try and silence Djinn. A fierce battle ensued, with neither being taking an advantage. During this battle of the physical and mental, the earth was scorched beyond repair, and the skies were turned a fiery red. Djinn, hold true to his word, were fuelled by the evil of the battle, and became stronger than Bane. Karill and Nyssa did there best to stop Djinn, but were no match for his power. Nyssa’s angelic wings became darkened and became the Archangel of the Darkness, while Karill’s heaven figure became that of torment. As the two of them fell to the evil, they became more like Djinn, and it took little of his power to win them to his side. Bane, seeing his forth-coming defeat prepared to retreat...with his mortal self, he sired to create a vampire to lead his armies on beyond the sight of Djinn. He called upon all his Majik and manifested them into a physical being. He then retreated with the remains of his power, and vanished from the space of the natural world. Djinn, and his new minions surveyed this world, which they had shrouded in darkness. The two beings Bane had created were apparent to Djinn, but their minds would be weak, and easily turned. Magnus and Majik would serve Djinn. In all that had taken place, incredible amounts of misery and agony had been cast upon the land. Djinn tangled this all into a being who would be forced to carry the burden. Misery was born. Djinn’s empire was almost complete. In selecting two mortals to help rule his kingdom, Pandora and Demuerte were created. Djinn has harnessed a new breed of the dimensions of hell. In creating the Drow, Djinn has again turned the tide of the Shadows of Darkness to fit his own mold. Djinn granted these powers to Demuerte, whom he chose to lead his new armies in the Shadows of Darkness.

Exodus - The Witness