Directions from the executioner in Midgaard:

2s 13w s 2w n w u w
Chapel Catacombs
2s 3w 6s 2e all s
Castle of Darkness
2s 6e 4s 2e 1s 3e
Castle of Evil
up from Tower Gates in the Shadow Grove
Dangerous Neighbourhood
2s 3e 2s e
The Dark Cavern
3s 2e 2s 7e d
Dark and Dreary Woods
11s 2w
Dragon Tower
n from Tower Gates in the Shadow Grove
Drow City
2s 6e 4s 2e s 2e d w s 2d w
Dwarven Kingdom
2s 6e d n
Dwarven Day Care
2s 6e d 2s
Elemental Canyon
2s 6e 4s 2e s 2e d s 4u n d
D from Tavern in the Shadow Grove
Gnome Village
2s 5e s
2s 3w 6s 2e s
Great Eastern Desert
3s 2e 2s all e (maze)
High Tower of Sorcery
N from Small clearing in the Shadow grove
Holy Grove
2s go all e
House of Hell
2s 7w 1n
Kingdom of Juargan
2s 6e 4s 2e s 2e d 5n 4w s e s d
Land of Fire Newts
2s 6e 3n e 3s e 3s d
2s 6e 4s 2e s 2e d 3n e 4s w s e 3s d 4s & hunt minotaur
Mega-City One
S from Strange Glowing Sands in the Great Eastern Desert
all s
2s 6e 6n
Mountain of the Evil Ones
2s 6e 3n 2e 5u 1e
2s 4w 3n 2e 5n 4e n e n
Old Marsh
2s 6e 4s 2e s 2e d 3n e 3s e s all e
Old Thalos
2s 9e 2n hunt imperial
2s 4w 3n 2e all n, all u, all n
Port Blacksand
3s 2e 2s 3w 1u
2s 8w 2s
Shadow Grove
2s 13w s 2w 2s w s 3w n w n
2s 5w all n
Smurf Village
2s 3w all n
2s 6e 4s 4w
Troll Den
2s 13w s 2w 2s e s w s e 2s
2s 4e 3n 2w 2n 1u
Underwater Cavern
Find it!
Valley of the Elves 2s 4w 3n 2e 5n  1w 2n 1d
Wyvern Tower 2s 6e 4s 2e s 2e d all e