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Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset


During the Inquisition, where Elders used their childer as cannon fodder

to drive away the Church's suspicion, the Anarch Revolt began. Childer

turned on Sire, the young attacking the old. One of the prime Cainites

behind this movement was Lanthis Messiv, of the Nosferatu. He and

his Childe, Glass Soddan, entered the lair where Nosferat slept in torpor,

wishing to diablerize their clan's founder in order to increase their own

strength and turn the tables of the rebellion, as the Elders began to put forth

a unified front, which they called the Camarilla.

Shortly after Lanthis' attack and diablerization of the Antediluvian, Nosferat, they agreed

to cease battling the Elders, in a final truce, after which both Lanthis and Glass

became strong supporters of the Camarilla and it's status structure.

The blood that Lanthis took from Nosferat, and in turn fed to his Childe, was

tainted with Caine's curse upon Nosferat, and slowly it began to work it's

changes upon both Lanthis and Glass, altering their visage and twisting

their bodies in the form of all Nosferatu.






News - August 4th, 2001

    Lanthis Messiv appointed as Justicar of the Nosferatu.

    Began work on the webpage for the Nosferatu.

    Decided upon current requirements.

    RP treaty developed with Cappadocians.

    Bloodhunt called against the Tremere.



Nosferatu's Creed: Information is power.


             5th Gen - 2.5k balance, GM one stance.

             4th Gen - 5k balance, GS/GM all basic.

             3rd Gen - 8k balance, GS/GM all, atleast 5 status.

All requirements may be subject to change at any time.




Lanthis Messiv ( Justicar and clan leader)

Glass Soddan ( Prince )

Toise ( Presumed to be in torpor or to have met his Final Death at the hands of the Tremere )




Recent Happenings

Following the Tremere attacks on both Cappadocian and Nosferatu Cainites, presumably the victims were to be taken back to a Tremere haven for 'experiments' involving the creation of new creatures, dubbed Gargoyles, a blood hunt has been called.

The progenitor of the Tremere's plan has been identified as the ancient Cainite known only as Palmer. Soriel and Glass, both sent by their Sires, had fallen victim to a Tremere ambush, but were lucky to escape being taken captive or a sun death.

Toise, of clan Nosferatu, however, was not so lucky and is believed to have been taken by the Tremere, or to have met his final death. Since then, both clans have renewed their efforts and have disabled any Tremeres they have been able to unearth, including Sactravas, who is believed to have entered torpor or met his final death at the hands of Glass and Soriel.

In a more recent development, it was believed that Palmer met his final death during the bloodhunt, only to reappear days later, as fierce and powerful as before. Since then, he has been hunted down again, and it is reported that he has died a sun death after being staked and left on a hill - But then again, who can really be sure?

As the Tremere have been derailed, it appears that the Antediluvian Goratrix, too, has vanished. No one is quite sure as to where he has gone - Well, no one but us. But hey, you wanna know? First the cash, bucko.


As the Cappadocians further their research into necromancy we will help them as much as we can - for a price, of course.

Through the Nosferatu's vast network of information, we are in the process of collecting the whereabouts of artifacts and scrolls that are imperative to the Cappadocian's research.

In turn, The Cappadocians will turn over any new information from their experiments that they find to the Nosferatu, which will be recorded and kept for further use.

Both Justicars, Lanthis Messiv and Abishua have signed the contract and are blood-bound to follow it. An alliance of information.

To protect our invested interest in the Cappadocians and their research, we, Nosferatu, shall do what we can to aid them in battle - as they will assist us.

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